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About Us

British Sugarcraft Guild

We are Dawn and Chris and we are specialist cake makers.

Love2Bake is a "Novelty Specialist" and "Wedding Cake" business situated in Plymouth, Devon in the UK. We make, bake, create and can deliver all types of cakes such as wedding, birthday, celebration and personalised novelty cakes. We put our heart and soul into every cake, trying to create an edible piece of cake art for your special occasion. We put so much time and effort into making every cake that you will definitely receive value for money, We care about the quality of your cake inside and out and therefore we use the best possible ingredients on the market to make your cake taste amazing and look stunning.

We are members of the British Sugarcraft Guild with accredited liability insurance cover and are registered with Plymouth City Council and have a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (highest score) complying with Food Hygiene Regulations 2013 - Food Safety Act 1990 - Environmental Protection Act 1990. We have had a 5 Star Facebook Customer Review Rating from every customer to date (2014 - 2023).


All of our cakes are designed individually and cake prices are reflected accordingly. All decorations / flowers / toppers are also handmade by us.  We pride ourselves on the quality and the precision to detail, making your cake not only taste delicious but also creating an edible piece of art. We will be able to give you a more accurate price once we know a few more details.  You may wish to start by Sending us a Message.

Spiderman Cake

We guarantee that we use the freshest of ingredients. We only use FREE range eggs, the absolute best quality ingredients available and we custom make your cake to order. When designing bespoke cakes, we gain inspiration for your ideas online as well as from our own experience. Our baking routine has proven to be successful on every occasion, delivering tasty, delicious, flavoursome cakes and therefore we receive regular customer 5 Star Review Ratings. 

We also add a FREE GIFT PHOTO with a personal message from us, as an additional special "Love2Bake" thankyou to put an extra smile on your face with every birthday/celebration cake purchased. We want to give you a lasting memory. We care about you as well as your cake.

Setting up wedding cake
Three Best Rated - Love2bake
Best Rated 2020

With every cake purchased, we will make you aware of your cakes "Best before date", whether any flower pics, dowels, wooden sticks or florist wire have been used and we will tell you the best storage systems for your cake. We will also give you allergy advice relating to your purchased cake, via an "Important Information Card", which you will receive with your cake. We can provide information on cake portion sizes, tips on cutting your cake and how to best store your cake. We follow best practice guidance on managing food allergens whilst we prepare your cakes, with particular reference to avoiding cross-contamination. Above all, we care about you.


Many of our cake pictures can be found on this website and they can also be found on our Facebook page and our Pinterest page, so please browse, like and share if you see anything that makes you smile. It means a lot to us to hear of your feedback. You can also let us know on the Contact Us page, via our Facebook Review page or in person. 

Aston Martin Car Cake
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