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Celebrity Cupcake Toppers

Here is a list of celebrity actors who have received our personalised Cupcake Toppers  & other bespoke Cupcake Toppers too.

Mark Calaway - AKA   The Undertaker in WWE

NICK CASTLE - AKA    Michael Myers in the HALLOWEEN series

DAVID DECHOVNY - AKA  Agent Fox Mulder in X-FILES series

RON PERLMAN - AKA.  Hellboy in Hellboy / The Golden Army / Sons of Anarchy

BRUCE CAMPBELL  - AKA Ash Williams in The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead

KIEFER SUTHERLAND - The Lost Boys, Designated Survivor, 24, Young Guns,  Flatliners, etc.

ALEX WINTER - AKA Bill and Ted , The Lost Boys

Some of the IT Chapter 2 kids :             

                                Wyatt Oleff  - in IT Chapter 2 , Guardians of the Galaxy

                                        Jaeden Martell  - in IT Chapter 2, St Vincent

                                         Sophia Lillis  - in IT Chapter 2

coming soon:  details to be updated

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