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Video curtesy of the very talented Tracey Rothwell

"Little Cherry Cake Company"

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How to cut my cake video

1 - How do I cut my cake ?

I have ordered a cake with 50 portions, 80 portions or 100 portions for my guests but how do I cut it or will the venue know how to do this for me, so that there will be enough cake for my guests?

Most wedding venues have trained catering staff who should be able to cut your cake according to recommended cutting guide standards. Other smaller function rooms, church halls or facilities with limited staff may rely on you to know how to cut your cake. 

Here is a video by our cake colleague Tracey Rothwell from Little Cherry Cake Company. She explains how you can remove and preserve your feature characters and how to cut your cake up correctly. Thankyou Tracey - feel free to visit her numerous online pages and see many more YouTube videos, particularly for any budding cake makers wanting to learn about cake making tips. 

Coffee portions -  1"x 1" x Height of cake tier (often used for wedding cakes)

Dessert portions - 1"x 2" x Height of cake tier (generally used for birthday and celebration cakes)

2 - In which town and country is Love2bake located ?

We are based in Plymouth UK, the south coast of England. Don't let that put you off though unless you live abroad. Unfortunately we don't ship our cakes to other European countries. See our Contact Us page for map and address details. 

4 - How do you work out the cost of cakes ?

Each cake is calculated on 3 main factors.

- The amount of cake required

- The amount of work involved

- The amount of time that it will take to make and decorate your cake. 

Each cake is priced individually based predominantly but not exclusively on these 3 factors.

See Prices & Portions page for a guide to our prices. For a more accurate quote fill in the Contact Us page.


We don't offer quotes for dates that are unavailable. 

Chocolate wrap cake

3 - Do I have to collect my cake or can you deliver ?

We can do deliver or you can collect. We charge £5 for delivery up to 5 miles from our address ( our post code PL6 7DJ ) and £1 per mile beyond that for birthday and celebration cakes. We use Google Maps to determine the distance from our address. 

Local wedding cake delivery with 10 miles is included in the price of a wedding cake quote. For more specific non-local wedding cake delivery charges please ask us. It's approximately £1 per mile from our premises. See our T&C point 12

5 - Do you have any Terms and Conditions ?

Yes we have set out our t&c in an easy to read , bullet point format so please take a look before you buy. 

6 - How do I order a cake ?

You will need to know these 3 key details before ordering, even if you only have a rough idea:

    * Date 

    * Numbers

    * Design

See our t&c section 1 for more details on this. 

We will check our availability - we will work out your cake size based on recommended cutting guide standards set by the industry - we will discuss design options and then offer you a quote. 

Doctor Who Tardis Cake
Burger Cake

7 - If I collect my cake and it gets damaged - what will happen then?

We offer advice and tips on collection. How to transport your cake safely. Please read our t&c section 11 in order to avoid any damage.

Cakes are fragile and care must be taken, particularly during transportation. If it does get damaged then contact us immediately and we will try our best to guide you or help you out. This may incur an additional charge for our time. Remember that delivery is also an option !

8 - Why can I not call you ?

We are receiving so many enquiries and orders on a daily basis. Sometimes up to 5 per day (100-150 per month), so we need to manage our time and have a system to get back to every customers as soon as possible with a reply. We aim to reply within 48 hours - that's our aim. At very busy times, this is not always possible. Please bear with us. 

Fill in the GET QUOTE button on our Facebook page or the CONTACT US page here and we will reply as soon as we can. 

9 - Are there any cakes that you don't make ?

There are only a few cakes that don't appeal to us much in terms of inspiration and design. We don't tend to make "3D shaped pet dog or 3D cat cakes" and "Number Cakes", but if this is exactly what you want then we are more than happy to find a cake maker for you who will be able to assist. 


Dawn and Chris.            


Last but not least :

If you have any questions that are not answered here

then please contact us via the CONTACT US page.

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