Cake Flavours

  Love2bake cake flavours :

The implies a recommended accompanying buttercream choice.

- You may also choose any of the "Be Creative - Mix and Match" buttercream options to make your cake that little bit different.


NOTE: Vehicle cakes, football shaped (sphere) cakes, any hemisphere or other shaped cakes will be made with a slightly firmer and denser cake sponge in order to hold its shape when carving and shaping. Certain sponge flavour options will not be suitable for shaped cakes.

Very important Notice:  By choosing these flavours below, you agree to inform us of any known food allergies and food intolerances. Our cakes are made in an environment that handles nuts, dairy and gluten. 

MOST POPULAR CAKE of 2019:  Chocolate fudge cake  -  see Option 3 - not available for shaped cakes


Option 1 - A flavoursome vanilla sponge or victoria sponge filled and layered with a choice of buttercream :

NOTE: Raspberry, Strawberry or any other flavour conserve is  (OPTIONAL)

Adding a conserve ( also known as a jam/jelly/preserve) is NOT an option for any shaped cakes

Recommended buttercreams for this vanilla sponge

 * locally sourced natural vanilla bean    (Our Love2bake Special)

 * strawberry milkshake // or // strawberry & cream - (NEW)

 * raspberry ripple

 *vanilla latte -  (Slight coffee flavour)

*white chocolate & raspberry (most popular)

* velvet vanilla - (generally chosen for adult cakes)

* vanilla fudge

Option 2 - A luscious lemon sponge filled and layered with a choice of buttercream :

NOTE: Lemon Curd (OPTIONAL) 

Lemon Curd is NOT an option for Madeira shaped cakes

 * zesty homemade lemon

*lemon drizzle

Option 3 - A chocolate fudge or chocolate sponge filled and layered with a choice of buttercream :

 chocolate milkshake

 * real Belgian chocolate 

 * chocolate mint 

* salted caramel 

* jaffa twist   -   orange flavoured chocolate buttercream  

Option 4 - A strawberry sponge filled with a choice of buttercream:

* strawberry milkshake

* strawberry and cream ( NEW ) - highly recommended

* locally sourced natural vanilla bean 

Option 5 - A mocha sponge filled with a choice of buttercream :

* coffee

* salted caramel

* vanilla latte

* locally source natural vanilla bean

Option 6 - A delicious almond sponge layered with a Cherry Bakewell buttercream ( Morrello Cherry Preserve Optional )

Option 7 - A delicious red velvet sponge l

ayered with either a locally sourced natural Vanilla bean buttercream or a delicious Velvet Vanilla.

Option 8 - A deliciously homemade carrot cake layered with a homemade Love2Bake vanilla bean buttercream or alternatively a zesty orange or lemon buttercream filling.

Classic cake options:

Option Classic A - New flavour option to be added soon

Option Classic B - New flavour option to be added soon

Wedding cake options:

Options 1 - 8 included  (see above for details)

Option 9 - A deliciously moist fruit cake available for the top tier of your wedding cake - with 4 months notice (alcohol flavoured version) or 2 months notice for an equally fruity non-alcohol flavoured version. 


Be Creative - Mix and Match your buttercream flavours:

Natural flavoured icing sugars  - Dairy Free - Gluten Free

Choose your own buttercream flavour to add to your choice of

vanilla, lemon or chocolate cake sponge:

Option A White Chocolate & Raspberry (OMG flavour)

Option B - Chocolate Milkshake

Option CSalted Caramel (very popular)

Option D - Raspberry Ripple

Option E - Lemon Drizzle

Option F Strawberry & Cream (NEW)

 Option G Strawberry Milkshake

Option H Chocolate Coconut Crush

Option I - Pink Lemonade

Option J - Mango & Passionfruit 

Option K - Coconut

Option L - Chocolate Mint

Option M - Jaffa Twist 

Option N - Cherry Bakewell

Option O -  Black Cherry

Option P - Velvet Vanilla

Option Q - Vanilla Latte (sophisticated vanilla flavour)

Option R - Vanilla Fudge

Seasonal Option - Christmas Punch (available Nov - Jan)

Plymouth UK

"Food Hygiene trained"    &

"Inspected by Plymouth City Council"

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