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By making a deposit payment to us, it will be deemed that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions below.

Chocolate Wrap Cake


1 - Quotes

2 - Prices

3 - Deposit Payment

4 - Final Payment

5 - Cancellation


6 - Alterations & Changes

7 - Sugar Art Pieces / Chocolate

8 - Home Baked Fruit Cakes

9 - Fresh Flowers


10 - Allergies & Special Diets


11 - Tips To Avoid Damage in Transit


12 - Delivery Charges

13 - Wedding Cake Set Up


14 - Portion Guide

15 - Best Before Date 

16 - Storage Conditions

17 - Cake Stands Hire and other hire items

18 - Non-edible items





Beer Oktober Fest Cake





Following your cake enquiry or wedding consultation, we will offer a quote which will be valid for up to 7 Days. 


Replies and quotes offered and not read due to your email "spam folder" settings will not be accepted as a valid reason to think your booking is secure - In all cases ONLY a deposit will secure your booking. 

 - Email and Facebook Messenger services are our only forms of communication due to their chronological platform services which allow all the Love2bake team can read and reply to you. 

-  Text messages and voice messages are not read by all the Love2bake team and will only be used as a last resort.

- We will not phone or text you if we don't hear back from your initial email / Messenger enquiry. 

We will require the following details :

1 - DATE - The date and possibly the time that you will be requiring your cake ( This might not be the same day as the persons birthday or you may need to be traveling some distance to your venue or you may be celebrating at the closest weekend)

2 - APPROXIMATE NUMBERS - This will be the approximate number of people, who you intend to be catering for. With this number, we will be able to work out the best size cake that you can receive for the best possible price. Depending on your event and party size, we can offer quotes based on dessert size portions (2"x1" slices) and coffee size portions (1"x1"). 

Whichever size you choose, please ensure that your venue knows how to cut your cake to best practice in order to get the necessary portions that you are quoted for. 

By paying your deposit, this will secure and guarantee the quoted price & the date in our availability diary. It also means that you have read and agree with these terms and conditions set out herein.

*For wedding cake quotes, we will discuss your cake arrangements and requirements in a lot more detail. We will then provide you with 2 written quote agreements, of which you must sign and return one of them to us in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope. 


 What determines the price of your cake? - The complexity of your cake design, the amount of sugarcraft detail of the cake, the amount of servings. These are the 3 main details that we will require in order to give you a quote. However, we also factor in some other costs: such as our time, the ingredients, years of expertise, insurance fees, courses and training and providing a professional reliable quality service.

Please bear this in mind for both celebration cakes and wedding cake quotes. See Prices and Portions for guide prices. 

Following your cake enquiry or wedding consultation, we will offer a quote which will be valid for up to 7 Days( FOR Celebration Cakes AND for Wedding Cakes). If we don't hear from you within that timeframe then we may offer this date to another customer.

Please check your email "spam folder" or message back. 

We strongly suggest making a "Save the Date deposit payment" straight away to secure your booking. 

Deposits are non-refundable.

ONLY by paying your "Save the Date Deposit", will this secure and guarantee the quoted price & the date in our availability diary. This means we reserve the right to book another customer in to our diary if we have not received a deposit to secure your cake order. 


Making any payment to us means that you are accepting the full Terms and Conditions detailed on this page and that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions.

Paying a deposit is a " SAVE THE DATE DEPOSIT " which is a non-refundable and non-transferable fee. 

A "Save the Date deposit" is required for all cake orders in order to secure your chosen date for your cake. 

If your deposit is not paid within 7 days of quoting or from consultation (for celebration cakes and for wedding cakes),  whichever is the former one, then we reserve the right to cancel any previous arrangements.  This means we reserve the right to book another customer in to our diary if we have not received a deposit to secure your cake order. 

You may pay your deposit via BACS, PayPal or Cash. Cheques are no longer accepted as a form of payment. 

A receipt for your deposit payment will only be issued upon a customer request. 

A receipt for your full payment will automatically be generated upon making your final payment. 


Celebration Cakes with quotes under £100: - £20 deposit

Celebration Cakes with quotes over £99: -  £50 deposit

All Wedding Cakes: - £100 deposit 

PayPal deposits:

There will be a PayPal surcharge payable by the customer for cake deposits that are paid via PayPal, if you use the preset PayPal link option from the payment page of this website. Try the "friend and family" option to avoid paying PayPal surcharges.

Your cake deposit is fully refundable if you change your mind within 14 days of paying it. 

Short notice bookings: If your order was requested within 2 months of the due delivery date, then no refund of any payments made will be offered. 

If the "Final Payment" date has passed, then the quoted payment must be paid in full - This applies to all cakes - celebration and wedding cakes.

(EXAMPLE: Pay in full for short notice bookings within 10 days for celebration cakes and 5 weeks for wedding cakes of the day of your event.)


Making any payment to us means that you are accepting all the full Terms and Conditions detailed on this page and that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions.

Our preferred form of payment is via BACS online bank transfer. See payment details on the PAYMENT PAGE. Please text, private message or email us with confirmation of your transfer in order to receive a prompt acknowledgement of your payment. Part payment or full payment can be paid before the Final Payment date if you wish. Please do not wait for a reminder to pay your Final Payment. 

Final payment for your celebration cake is required at least 1 week before collection/delivery and can be made either via BACS bank transfer or cash. If paying by cash, then please place your final payment in an envelope and clearly mark who it is from when you deliver it to us. We do not advise paying cash via the postal system. PayPal payments are not accepted as a final payment option. 

A payment receipt will be attached to your cake box on delivery/collection.

Final payment for your wedding cake is required no later than 1 month before the collection/delivery. It is your responsibility to send this payment, as a reminder invoice is not issued. 

If full payment is not received and cleared in our account before the Final Payment date, then the order may not be carried out and can be considered as a cancellation at the discretion of the Love2bake company.

Furthermore if the "Final Payment" date has passed, then the quoted payment must be paid in full - This applies to all cakes - celebration and wedding cakes. 

(10 days for celebration cakes and 5 weeks for wedding cakes.)


We cannot offer any refunds for any Wedding cake cancellations within less than 6 weeks of the due date or within 10 days of the due date for Celebration Cakes (any other cake orders). This is known as the "Final Payment Period". 

If a cancellation takes place within less than 10 days before the event (for Celebration Cakes) or within less than 6 weeks of the wedding day (for Wedding Cakes), then we reserve the right to seek 100% payment of the agreed quote. 

We will offer a full and complete refund of any payments made if you decide to cancel or change your mind within the first 14 days of making your deposit payment - unless this cancellation date is  also within the "Final Payment Period" (for late bookings), in which case no refund will be offered.

If a cancellation is requested between the initial 14 day "Deposit Payment" date and the "Final Payment Period" date, then we reserve the right to hold back the full deposit as well as any fees to cover our expenses and costs already covered by us, such as our consultation time and costs or buying flowers, cake toppers or other cake related items that we may have ordered or purchased from a 3rd party. We will return the difference to you of any other payments that you may have made to us, in  the case that you have made any PART PAYMENTS or made your FINAL PAYMENT early. 


A cancellation must be made in writing by email only to and will only be deemed to take effect from the time that your email was sent. (Not via phone call, text message or private message services.)

General cancellation notes: 

Apart from the first 14 days of a deposit payment - if you cancel your order, whether it is for a celebration cake or for a wedding cake, then we reserve the right to retain your non-refundable deposit. 

If you postpone the event we will endeavour to transfer your order providing the date is suitable for ourselves. If an alternative date is not possible your order shall be treated as a cancellation of any agreements that have been agreed, made via any form of messages or any prearranged and signed agreement forms. 

We the management of Love2bake retain the right for us to cancel any bookings due to unforeseen/unusual circumstances beyond our control, we will in this case offer you as much notice as possible and will discuss the matter with you and try to agree a suitable alternative, upon which we will offer a full refund of any money taken from the customer - including the initial deposit. 

We also reserve the right to cancel any bookings without prior notice, if we perceive untruthful information to have be given at the point of booking a cake order. In these circumstances we reserve the right to retain your non-refundable deposit. 


DESIGN MATCHING - ​Although we often ask for a picture design idea, we will not copy any other cake makers cakes like for like. This is mainly to gauge a visual perception of your desired standard. 

COLOUR MATCHING - We will attempt to colour match as much as possible, but will not be able copy exact colours. Many online pictures may have been colour enhanced and we can only work within the boundaries and limitations of fondant colours. We will however aim to colour match as close as we possibly can to any swatch colours provided. 


A change of venue or change of date :

- We are happy to accommodate any change of venue or change of date as long as the date is still available and as long as we have been given the same amount of notice as the Final Payment Date. (see section 4)


Alterations to your cake design :

It is your responsibility to check the quote thoroughly. Any amendments to the design should be made as soon as possible in writing. 

If requested, we will endeavour to adjust the design where possible, but sometimes this is not possible according to the nature of the request or amount of notice given. If the alteration affects the cost, or preparation work for the original design has already been undertaken, then your balance will be adjusted accordingly. Please warn us when you pay your deposit if you are undecided on the design. 

We reserve the right to change the design at any point if circumstances beyond our control, may compromise the quality of the finished cake,

e.g. melting of any hand-made sugar art pieces due to weather conditions. 

Each cake is made individually by hand, so although every effort is made to ensure consistency, a small amount of variation in colour and design may occur from the original design requested and/or picture supplied.  


We recommend a cautious approach, if you are considering a cake decorated with sugar art pieces or chocolate for a wedding or any other event. We cannot accept responsibility for any melting or natural changes of any part of the cake once it has left our possession, as we have no control over the environment/the venue room temperature. We can however advise you of designs that are less susceptible to melting and we will do everything within our control to reduce the impact on the cake. You may wish to ensure that your cake is not positioned close to an outside window or heating source at your chosen venue.


We understand the sentimental significance of having a family member bake your fruitcake, which you may request us to ice / decorate. We are happy to do this for fruit cakes (but not sponge cakes) however we must ask that the cakes conform to our strict guidelines so that we can achieve an appropriate finished look and you are not disappointed with the end result. 

We cannot be held accountable for any flaws, which are as a result of the cake being baked by someone other than ourselves. Please enquire for further advice before baking the cake.


For celebration cakes (non wedding cake) that require fresh flowers, these are not included in the price. We can work with you and your florist but may expect you to make all the necessary arrangements with the florist. Please note that we are not responsible for any problems with your fresh flowers and the effect these fresh flowers have on the appearance and overall quality of your cake once delivered. 

We do not take responsibility for any damage rendered to the cake caused by a floral arrangement that was implemented by you or your florist. Note that some flowers are poisonous and are not recommended for cake decorations. 


For wedding cakes, we can quote for certain (season permitting) fresh flowers to be included in the price.

If fresh flowers are used, the cake will be set-up as late as feasibly possible to ensure their freshness throughout the day, but depending on the varieties used & the weather conditions at the time, it may be necessary to cut the cake relatively early on in the proceedings to ensure their freshness for the photography.

Note: Some flowers are poisonous and are not suitable for use on food products, you should notify your flower supplier of your intention to use any flowers on food to ensure that non-poisonous flowers are used. We do not take responsibility for any damage rendered to your wedding cake caused by a floral arrangement that was implemented by you or your florist.




If you have a food allergy or food intolerance, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We provide every customer with an Allergy Advice Important Advice card which includes a full list of ingredients

Our cakes are not allergy free, so if you wish to accommodate any guests with special dietary requirements, we suggest talking to us about your guests special requirements. Please ask us if you wish to discuss any allergy related information.

Some cakes are made with food colouring ingredients using the following E numbers: E102,E104,E110,E122,E124,E129

These ingredients may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

These cakes will be labelled on the cake box.

Our supplies and equipment have at some point come in contact with nuts, milk, wheat, sesame seeds and eggs

Our cakes may contain nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios, macadamia nuts)

Our cakes do contain milk, wheat, sesame seeds, eggs.

This includes edible decorations, food products, colouring agents (paste and/or gel colours) sponge/cake ingredients and buttercream.



All of our cakes are suitable for vegetarians - We do not use any gelatine and our cakes do not contain any meat products . 


Our cakes are not suitable for vegans - some of our products such as sprinkles and other cake decorations are not vegan friendly.

Our cakes do contain eggs and other dairy products. Sorry ! 


Our Red Velvet Sponge is made using Distilled Malt Vinegar made from barley wheat containing gluten

Please be aware that although ingredients such as nuts can be removed from the cakes, they are still used in our kitchen so we cannot guarantee that any of our cakes are completely free of them. 


None of our products are certified Halal or Kosher. We do not use alcohol in any of our products, except the fruit cake upon special request. 

Cross Contamination - Please note that all of our cakes and food products are baked fresh with fresh ingredients in our small and compact kitchen, which we use for personal use too. Although we do our best to ensure that minimal cross-contamination occurs, we can never be 100% safe if you suffer from allergens such as dairy, nuts, peanuts, gluten (wheat), eggs, sesame and/or soya . If you or any of your guests have a serious allergy to any of these products, then we would advise you or that person to not consume any part of our products for your own safety. 

It is the responsibility of the customer/venue to inform their guests that traces of nuts or any other allergy related ingredients are present in the cake that you purchase from us. We have supplied a list of all ingredients used to the customer/ venue. Therefore Love2bake shall not be held responsible for any allergies or ailments occurring from our cakes at venues or their parties. 

If you make us aware of an allergy to any allergen products and still wish to go ahead with the purchase, regardless of the severity from minor to major allergic reaction, then we will ask you to sign a disclaimer. 




Please remember that cakes and cake decorations can be very delicate items, often made with sugar based ingredients and we do not accept responsibility for any damage that is done to the cake, the cake toppers or any of its decorations after it has left our premises. Please take weather conditions into consideration - Hot , Humid and Cold weathers all have their own specific issues that may affect the quality of your cakes journey. Gravity and bumps and turns in roads will affect the balance of a cake being transported. We do NOT recommend travelling with any tiered cakes in your vehicle as cake supports are not designed to withstand any form of transport. Please note that on occasions the cake lid will be placed under the cake box for stability at collection, as our cake decorations are often too tall to put the lid on top of the cake box and may be covered with clear cellophane instead. 

Please inform us at the time of booking if you intend to be transporting the cake on any public transport or via private transport for any particular distance, as we may need to take this into consideration during the construction phase or during the designing stage, so that we can try to minimise any potential damage in transit. We may need to add additional support sticks or dowels. 

Please give us plenty of notice that you intend to collect your cake, as it may need additional dowel support between tiers, which will need to be put in place during the making of the cake, which will be days before the collection date. Your cake box may also need height extensions put in place for the lid or cellophane wrap to be added, in order to protect your cake from any weather conditions.

IMPORTANT - read this before your cake collection :

Here are some tips to avoid damage to your celebration cake, wedding cake OR cupcakes during transportation: 

In warmer weathers open doors and windows or cool the car temperature down using any form of air conditioning for at least 10 minutes before placing your cake in the car. Use the vehicle air-conditioning during transport in warmer weathers too. Some cakes will require being transported in cool boxes which are designed specifically to keep cakes cool during transport. 

* Collection of single tier celebration cakes, cake toppers and cupcakes - 

Aim to have a second person to assist you with the collection. We recommend placing your cake box on a flat surface and on a blanket, either being held on a responsible passengers lap with a blanket under the box or alternatively to be placed securely on a flat surface, such as the footwell of your vehicle. Ensure that the box is kept even, secured and not tilted backwards. As car seats tend to lean backwards, we do not recommend placing your cake box directly onto any car seat. By using a blanket or an alternative item, this could provide a cushion effect and could provide some protection to limit vibrations, movement and aims to absorb any effects from uneven road surfaces. Keep an eye where possible on the box during transportation and whilst carrying the cake box to avoid any uneven surfaces or trip hazards. 


* Collection of tiered celebration cakes and wedding cakes 

We strongly advise you to ask us to deliver and set up any tiered cakes and/or wedding cakes - READ Delivery Conditions below.

Each cake tier will be boxed separately, as we do not recommend travelling any distance with stacked cakes - all decorations (flowers and toppers) would need to be set up by you. You or your designated responsible person will need to set up the cake and its decorations at the venue. We will not be responsible for any damage done or errors made during the set up. 

For transporting tiered cakes, if there is no other way, then we recommend placing your cake box or boxes on a non slip flat surface in your vehicle snug and secure to avoid any sideways movements OR on the lap of a responsible person sitting in the back seat. The driver must take more care than usual driving slower than any given speed limits and on the approach of traffic, traffic lights, making any turns or by avoiding any sudden car manoeuvre or sudden stops. Even a slight hill may cause a tiered cake to fracture or collapse. 

We use a "Cake On Board" sign in the back window during all cake transportation.

During longer journeys, we advise that you make regular stops and check the condition of your cake. 

When you arrive at the venue, check the route before taking the cake out. Walk the full distance to the set up room in order to establish any stairs, trip hazards and the shortest and safest route. Most venues will enable you to use a fire exit door directly to the venue room, a back door, a lift access or even the use of a catering trolley on wheels to avoid carrying it. 

Summary Reminder - In all cases of transporting cakes : 

Avoid any excessive heat or direct sunlight as cake decorations are likely to melt in warm environments. A cold travel environment is best, so we recommend putting the air conditioning on in your car, before collection and during transportation, especially during warmer months. Whilst driving, avoid any sudden movements, potholes or sharp corners and drive slowly to prevent any excessive cake movement and any topper damage to take place. For an additional £5 hire charge you can hire our "Cake on Board" car window sign, which alerts other drivers that you may at times need to drive below the required speed limit. 

Alternatively ask us for our delivery costs to deliver to your venue.


12 - Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are calculated on a mileage and time basis. Alternatively, cakes can be collected from our premises at no extra charge.


Any deliveries up to 5 miles from PL6 7DJ - £5

Any deliveries over 5 miles from PL6 7DJ - ask for details

* Local wedding Cake deliveries are FREE and set up is FREE , as this is included in the price of the quote up to a certain distance. 

This applies to  local wedding events only. * Wedding venues requiring delivery and set up that are situated beyond 10 miles of PL6 7DJ will incur an average charge of £1 per mile.

If you choose delivery, it is our intention that your cake will be delivered in perfect condition prior to the start of your event. However we ask for patience with factors that may be beyond our control (e.g. traffic conditions) as we cannot be held liable for any such delays. In some circumstances, we may recommend the cake be delivered in advance. It is your responsibility to ensure that you inform us of your correct ceremony and event time information, plus the full postal address of the venue as noted on the signed Agreement Contract (Wedding cakes only). In the unlikely event of late delivery, the maximum compensation will be a refund of the delivery price.

We may on occasions decide to deliver your cake free of charge to your chosen venue or restaurant at management discretion, in order to ensure that a complex cake design reaches its destination in perfect condition.  

Please ask for your individually priced delivery charge or alternatively you may opt to collect directly from us.

We cannot be held liable for any damage that is rendered to the cake at the event or venue once we have left the premises. It is with this in mind that we require somebody responsible, to check that they are happy with the cake before we leave. 

NOTE: Be aware of sunlight, heat, temperature and the location when choosing the location of your cake.

This is your responsibility so you may wish to ensure the best man, person in charge, responsible person takes note.

If you choose to collect your cake, we will not be held liable for any damage to the cake once it has left our premises. Tiered cakes are most at risk during transport; we highly recommend that you check your wedding insurance covers cake damage. If necessary we can offer you advice on the best means of transporting your cake. see video in T&C section 11. 

Late requests for delivery (after securing the booking based on collection) will be accommodated where possible, but cannot be guaranteed.


It is the clients responsibility to ensure arrangements are made for the wedding cake table, linen, cake stand & knife, which should all be set- up prior to our arrival. If any delay is incurred due to these not being set-up, we reserve the right to charge for any delay incurred (labour/time costs at £20 per hour). Alternatively please arrange for the cake to be left with the event manager to assemble/move into position as appropriate. Please take extra care to ensure a stable  and level cake table is available if you are having a marquee wedding, as surrounding floorboards can easily rock the cake once stood on. 

We cannot be held liable for any damage that is rendered to the cake at the event or venue once we have left the premises. It is with this in mind that we require somebody responsible, to check that they are happy with the cake before we leave. 

NOTE: Be aware of sunlight, heat, temperature and the location when choosing the location of your cake.

This is your responsibility so you may wish to ensure the best man, person in charge, responsible person takes note.



Our Love2bake portion guide calculations are intended as a guide only. This will vary dependant upon how the cake is cut. 

We can offer an estimated portion guide calculation for our celebration cakes and also for wedding cakes, based on the Wilton cake portion guide (2"x1"portions) - (1"x1" portions for fruit cake slices and coffee size portions).

Please ensure that you order sufficient cake for your requirements, as we may not be able to change the size once the order is finalised. 


Please store your cake in the cardboard box provided away from any heat source and not in a fridge. 

Please consume your cake before the Best Before Date provided in your "Important Information" envelope or within a week of the event for wedding cakes.

Your cake is baked to ensure it is fresh and in perfect condition for the date of your event, we cannot guarantee its quality if it’s consumed at any time after the Best Before Date. (See "Important Information" envelope attached to your cake order) . Our cakes are made entirely of natural ingredients, so we’d like to remind you that, because of this they will not have the extended shelf life of most supermarket cakes, which contain additives and preservatives to ensure their prolonged life. Freezing the cake however, preserves the taste of the sponge and icing as much as feasibly possible, but please bear in mind that it will affect the visual appearance of the icing, as condensation will form upon defrosting and this would certainly affect the design and any fondant or sugar art pieces.

Food hygiene recommendations recommend that food should only be frozen for a maximum of 3 months.


Most of our celebration cakes are made with a sugar paste covering and therefore we do not recommend our sugar paste covered cakes to be refrigerated, as it may cause condensation on the surface of the icing. In our opinion refrigeration also accelerates the staling of the flour in the cake and may dry it out. Note : In some area or countries refrigeration of cakes is very commonplace, due to the climates and weather temperatures. For our cakes in Plymouth UK, we do not recommend refrigeration units for storing your cake as we don't use any fresh cream in the production of our cakes. See card attached to the box with "Use by Date" information. 

If you plan to keep any part of your cake for future consumption, please ask us for advice for the number of cake boxes you would like to be left on site (so that you can safely transport them and store them).

If you plan to keep any part of the cake decorations, please ask us for advice. We would recommend edible fondant figures and sugar art pieces to be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight in a cardboard box (not plastic or other material).

17 - CAKE STAND HIRE & other hire items

If you would like to hire a cake stand or any cake making equipment or decorations, then a deposit is required prior to release. 

The deposit amounts will vary dependant upon the value of the item being hired. Ask for details. 

Please make arrangements to ensure items hired are safely returned to us within the agreed date - preferably within 48 hours of your event or any other agreed date.

By signing the wedding agreement form, you are responsible to make arrangements for the return of the hired cake stand or any other hired item(s).​


IMPORTANT cake stand information

Please note that we may have hired your cake stand from another cake company or from a cake stand supplier, so it is very important that you make someone within your party aware of our need to ensure its safe return after your event. Ultimately it is the deposit payers responsibility to ensure that it is returned to us or that an alternative arrangement has been agreed with us. 

Once we receive the hired item back, we will release the deposit held subject to no damage or breakages.

Non return of item hired

Unless a prearranged alternative date has been arranged and agreed, the hire period will be a maximum of 1 week (7 days) from the day of collection. If the item is not returned before the 7 days then a subsequent hire charge of £5 per day will be applied for the 2nd week. After 14 days of non return of our hired item it will be deemed that you wish to purchase the item and the full cost of the item plus any other expenses and loss of earnings will be requested. 

You can also arrange to have your hired item collected after your event from us at an agreed address for an additional £5 (within 5 miles of PL6 7DJ) - alternative collection prices apply. This collection day and time must be agreed in advance. 



Most cakes contain small proportions of inedible items; it is the client’s responsibility to ensure these are removed by you, your caterer or guests before consumption e.g. Support dowels in tiered cakes, ribbon, wires in sugar flowers, Swarovski crystals, flower picks & flower tape etc. 

Some flowers (e.g. Ivy) are poisonous and not suitable for use on food products, you should notify your flower supplier of your intention to use the flowers on food to ensure that non-poisonous flowers are used. All standing figures will be supported with some form of non-edible support and are therefore not suitable for consumption. 


& Copyright

Data Protection

We the management here at Love2bake are compliant with the principles of GDPR (EU law) updated regulation from 25th May 2018 that protects you the customer in terms of your rights as a citizens. Any data that you share with us will never be forwarded to any 3rd party and will be only kept by Love2bake management for the sole purpose of processing any current, past and potential future cake enquiries. 


We only store the personal information that you have provide during your enquiry in a safe and secure manner on a password protected computer, a password protected mobile phone, as well as on our personal cake enquiry cards which are kept in a secure location. 

We use industry-leading payment providers (Barclays BACS and PayPal) to process your payments. We do not store any debit or credit card information.

We do not send random email, newsletters or any other unrequested emails. We therefore do not have a subscribe and unsubscribe option. We do not ask customers to set up a personal account with us. This may change in the future. 

 You have the right to ask us to dispose of any personal or contact information that you have given to us. 

Love2bake have taken every necessary steps to fully comply with GDPR. 


We are happy for you to reproduce any of our cakes and cake ideas without needing to ask us.

Note that not all of the cakes on our website are original Love2bake cake designs and we would have sought approval from the cake makers before using them. 

Although if you do wish to copy our cake design ideas, then we would appreciate a curtesy mention, so that we can enjoy your creations too.


Please do NOT use any of our images or any part of Love2bake material on any social media platforms as your own work or in any way for any financial gain. This is classed as copyright infringement.

Unauthorised copying, distribution and selling of any of our work is protected under copyright.

This relates to any artwork provided or any cakes that we have made. 

Piracy, theft and freebooting will be dealt with accordingly within the law.

Copyright infringement disputes are usually resolved through direct negotiation. We notify you and you remove the item. 

Alternatively we may bring a civil court litigation. Egregious or large-scale commercial infringement will be dealt with via the larger courts.


Read points 5, 11,12, 15 or 16 before proceeding.

If having read these 4 points you still have concerns about your cake, then please notify us at the earliest opportunity, so that we may have a chance to assist or rectify it in time for your event. All other concerns should be made in writing within 24 hours of delivery. Please read through these Terms & Conditions before contacting us with your concern. Evidence of the fault must be made available. 

No refunds are given due to change of mind or when evidence of the fault has been discarded. It is very important that you do not throw the evidence away.


If any damage is rendered to the purchased item ( cake, cupcakes, cake topper, decorations, packaging etc. ) or any part of it, after it has left our possession, then you can ask us for advice on a repair, which will be costed additionally and accordingly, including our additional transport costs and time if appropriate. See point 12  "Delivery Conditions" section above.

Please do not throw any damage evidence away. We are aware that accidents and unfortunate situations happen, so please contact us first and we will do our best to assist. 

In the unlikely event of any late delivery, the maximum compensation will be a refund of the delivery cost that was charged. We ask for patience with factors that may be beyond our control (e.g. traffic conditions) as we cannot be held liable for any such delays. 

All or any part refunds are totally at the discretion of the owners of Love2Bake. 


Occasionally we may, in our discretion, make changes to these terms and conditions.

In line with GDPR you have the right to ask for your contact and personal information to be removed from our site. 

We pride ourselves on our personal and professional service. Thank you for using our services.

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