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You are most likely looking for a cake for a special day and we specialise in exactly that. Cakes are not only for "special" occasions. We make cakes for the everyday occasion too. Ask us for a traybake or a delicious yummy chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache and covered in more chocolate. The choice of traditional cakes is endless.

You can inspire yourself with many more cake ideas via our Pinterest page and also via our Facebook page. 

We make bespoke cakes which are highly individual and therefore each cake is priced according to how much work is involved. Feel free to ask for further details. 


" I was corresponding with Love 2 Bake for over a year so that I could be fit into their busy schedule. And why are they so busy?

Because they are amazing cake makers and highly in demand! The Bettie Boop Chocolate Wrap cake they made for my mum was fantastic, with every detail taken care of and matching the description perfectly.

Their delivery offered a very personal service and my mum commented how lovely they were to stay for a short chat. Everything went super smoothly and I couldn't have asked for more."

Laurie B. 

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