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How to order: (Ideally minimum of 24 hours notice)

Step 1 - provide as many images as you wish in PNG, JPEG or JPG format via Messenger or via email (

Step 2 - provide dimensions for any images as accurately as possible and/or requirements of multiple sizes of images on the same page.

- You can have as many images as you wish on any A4 page.

- Cupcake prints are available either in 24 images or 36 images per page

- Cupcake images are not printed on precut cupcake circles.

Step 3 - arrange a collection time- Preferably as close to the day and time as possible. 

Step 4 - Once we notify you how many prints that you would require then add to cart and make payment as required. Depending on the amount of preparation work involved there may be an additional admin charge. 


Edible prints are thin sheets of icing on a plastic backing. You can easily cut any shapes out with scissors. 


To avoid the icing sheet becoming wet or tacky to the touch - avoid any humidity - This includes avoiding the fridge and avoiding being exposed to the air in damp humid weather conditions. 


For an additional £2 only, we can sell you a sealable, airtight, waterproof pouches to protect your prints ( limited availability). We recommend that you bring your pouch with you on every collection to avoid your print being exposed to any unnecessary humidity.


For Rice Paper sheets please enquire seperately as other prices apply. £2 per Rice Paper sheet - Plus £5 admin charge. 


A4 Edible Print Images - Fondant sheets - price for collection only

  • Read the Description Information in full before ordering. 

    Read the website T&C section 11 - Tips to avoid damage in transit. 

    We recommend placing your edible print inside a sealed, airtight, waterproof pouch and keep it away from any humidity, heat or direct sunlight. Any humidity from the air above 80 RH is not good - Wet weather will affect your edible print, which may become tacky. Apply edible prints as late as possible and never place any cake or cupcakes with edible prints on them in a fridge. 

    Store cakes or cupcakes that have edible prints on in a cardboard box. 

    NOTE:  We sell sealed, airtight, waterproof pouches for regular customers - please ask for details. 

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